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CutCorner Studio offers a range of quirky tutorials to help you guys learn how to use a load of free software that you can just download from the web.

We sent all our stuff up onto YouTube and you can watch our training here, or just jump on and subscribe to the channel to get new tuts when we get them done.

Being so busy at the minute, we can’t promise that the videos will be coming thick and fast, but when they do, they’ll be worth it.

What will you learn to do?

The tutorials on the site will give anyone with a passion for graphic design to replicate a series of well-known logos to learn a range different types of software that’ll have you designing like a pro in no time.

Site Development

The site is really small at the minute, but there will be some significant changes coming really soon. Just stand by, and enjoy the tuts on offer.


If you’re like us, then you’ll be dead excited about the new motion picture coming out really soon, The Fantastic Four. We’ve got a sneaky feeling, it’s going to be really, really good.

So, to show some appreciation, we have sat down and shared some of our expertise in the processes involved in creating the Fantastic Four Logo using Inkscape and GIMP 2.8. Both programs are free to use and being so powerful, we have been able to create something quite realistic, but not all that technical for the advanced user.

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